Thursday, September 9, 2010

A father born!

In the dark wet hole
under the broken wooden bridge
yelling and crying

Desolation was born!

forbidden was his birth
unnoticed was his death
remembered is his life

as a half blind kid
pursued by the beggar's red hot iron

for the over-sized tummy
from the ceaseless years feeding on invisible food

for the scars from battles outside
and the screams from the battles within

why bear pain of a sinner's pleasure?
why bear life if death's easier?

living in the streets among midnight women and wild men
learnt the feeble hand of a mother in his lonely beggining
found her...yet solace he could'nt

in the end,
what feeds a maimed soul
but hate and pain?

back to place of his cursed origin
to end it die in peace

in the dark wet hole
under the broken wooden bridge

bound in a blanket
bright eyes shining

New purpose is born!
-"Willy & Sabu"

Friday, August 27, 2010

Yours, Now and Ever!

Bleeding remains of thoughts of you
fill my blood wit taste as ripe as breaking day

Spoken, silent, lingering words feed my flame
keeps me hanging to the path we lay

In your world, in your love, in your memory,
as a shimmering shadow from the past

Firm, frozen
unyielding, undying

For your hands to hold me tight
for your eyes to warm my soul
for your scent to breeze through me
for your life to engulf me

Find me here
always here
for you
ever young and ever thine

in this life together we conceived!
- "Willy & Sabu"

Friday, May 7, 2010


Hey everybody...its US, back to blogging. Me and Sir Willy.
Its been TWO long years at our last shot on education (hopefully). It has not been without events. No...not close. With sir Wingfoot, life is always an adventure, aye!
We've been thinking, rolling over on bed and under as to what to begin with. We believe that our creativity has quiet lost its gleam, blame the education ‘course. Leaves us no space for original thinking, except after seeing the question papers! But that is that, and lets not get drawn into that anymore.
What these two years of hostel life has brought us, is a sort of seriousness to story writing. Those days when Sir Wingfoot’s mind be as sharp as his blade, a quill and a parchment is all we used, to weave worlds out of nothing. Here Sir Willy interrupts saying, even today his highness’ brain is as sharp as his blade, only that the blade is blunt *funny*
Anyway, living with other people at his kingdom, Sir Willy has learnt that a greater level of satisfaction can be derived by making his followers PEEK into his highness’ brain and see the stories unfold. He whispers to me one day, ”Why not make a movie of every story written?” Easy at it seems, the most difficult job ever imagined by his majesty is MAKING-A-MOVIE!

The Video above is our first fling with movie making. The story of this short movie has been adapted from an unusual source of “Forwarded E-Mails”. We tried to keep the suspense of the story intact, while trying to get an emotion involved into the scenes. We, Sir Wingfoot and I, handled screenplay, trying to add and delete characters, events, deciding on locations, casting,acting as the younger bro and also trying to voice-over for the char that i play. We had to write the story more than a few times, then calling the directors duo for the discussion, always conflicting on to which direction the story must move. We had an entirely different idea as to from whose angle the story rolls, till we had shot the whole movie. AFTER the shooting of about a month, we had to settle for an entirely different movie in hand.
Anyway, it is general belief among all of us related with this movie and those among the audience is, that the movie is a GOOD first try. A lot of people have to be thanked for the support and their efforts during this period.
Bippo , for being very generous with his CAM & COMMENTS. Editing has been flawless.
Raka , for everything he has been throughout the movie, for the enthu that he brought in, for all the ideas he came up with.
Sayan, the suicide bro, for attempting suicide a million times throughout the month. Unfortunately, for all his stunts hanging upside down, none made it to the final cut. Kudos for the animation!
Detective Tao, for getting through with the costume changes, for not giving up in between, for accepting to shower before shots ^ ^ for trying to walk straight and for not demanding a dance in the movie.
Detective Ben, now Lieutenant Ben (no, not for the next movie, its real life folks!). For his great voice as the detective, for being there when needed, for accepting to act even though he had other movie offers pouring in ;)
Pandey Bhai Saab, Shilpi for accepting roles of being my dad n mum with no hesitation and for playing the role to perfection.
Aswini (Construction worker), also the music supervisor…for helping us get the people when we needed.
Haati Ravi (Watchman) for his splendid acting, and for holding his breath during shooting so he could fit into the watchman costume * *
Guru (Neighbor), for the easy shot, Vivian (Dhobi) for bearing with us, shakti for his bike, Dr.Thamarai Selvan for his office, the students of our Department of Management Studies at NIT and everybody else I’m missing out on for their encouragement…
PEACE be with you!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Elle led me deep into the woods. By a shallow stream,she stopped.
"There", she squeaked, raising on her hind legs.
I nodded.
The stream led into a dungeon."You're doing this, Prince?"

One last wink at the retreating mouse, then i sneaked in.

The Low dungeon became a cave and evolved into a thundering underground waterfall, lit by just a hole high above.Random steps down, i found IT. Camouflaged to the grim background, it lay there deep in slumber. The huge form breathing created ripples in the water.Sheathing sword, i hooked the double arrow.
Aimed, pulled and released.


The giant FROG woke with a cry. Lunar eyes found the tiny rebellian. Long tongue lashed out and my bow fell apart.Evil grin settled.
I was not done yet.
Shield and sword, i galloped towards it, with all my might.It leaped high into the air, bound towards my tiny form....its filght covered all distance...and its fall is about to squash me...

I looked down.

4B. Who opposed the Moghal Dynasty?

I was making history alright! ;-)

Friday, September 26, 2008


Frozen hands grip my heart
Heavy guilt burns my eyes
I lie down cuddled and shut them tight
Even tears fail in shame of being mine.

A year now has passed
But the memory, the pain...the loss
That moment of pleasure and days of indecision
Is like but yesterday.

I dream of her coming out of me
With bright green eyes, her father's nose,
Brown curly hair, upturned lips....

I watch her grow...
Into a beautiful little PRINCESS
Dancing in her white frock
Like a flickering light, far upon the blue sea.

And there she remains forever
As i stop dreaming
As i stop breathing
Held in that shy smile of a daughter

MY daughter
Who had never been...

Monday, April 14, 2008


It ai'nt a tough call.
With a broke father and a never-home mom,
Ai'nt a tough call at all.

Fate hung to my boat's sail,
No food, no coins, just my violin case,
And a fiery urge to follow my heart's trail.

Beaten, bruised, bleeding, i woke to the evening moon,
In the city of hanging dreams, and sweared to self;
"I'll rule the radio soon"

Cleaned tables, walked dogs and ran errands a few,
Survived weeks on raw fish and stolen eggs,
with haystacks to warm the tired night's dew.

Years down, an odd chance hit to play the midnight blues,
My Lord had pressing issues on hand i presume,
for I made music, while powercrisis made the news.


The melody of the wind,
Ignites a fire within,
that consumes all regrets and pain,
and leaves an unfliching armour....
of humour and HOPE!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Sheep Life!

I skipped the wall,
Quit the job.
Burnt the proof,
Of a "ME" who was!

Sick of the tyranny
Of routine and uniformity
Caught in the play
Of plugged, machined, daily living.

I fled,
From the sheep;evergrazing on wafers green.
From the shepard;just another sheep, fat and mean.

I ran, I ran, I ran...
To find a way to fly.
To shake aside the shadow of Black & White.

Walked among proud beasts,besides the sheep for once.
And swam against the tide.

I dreamt under my starry cousins.
And fought to live my dreams.

And so goes the story,
a myth, now a legend,
of a mole among YOU sheep!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Last Shrub


The World is in war.
They burnt, they dug, they slew and they killed us all....a little later before they realised,they need us.

One Survived....

I lay hid, listening to the stream who brings me grievings of life that's left....

She tells me;

Of her fair cousins running red.
Of the stench of decay and death.
Of bodies...half burnt...half burried.
Of children, whose mothers wont see them become men.

And of MEN.....mad wild men.....seeking glory among graves....

I see the red sun....and i see my mother having the last laugh.

Alas! As last of my seeds drop...
I wish...
I wish...I could be EVERGREEN.
I had never been.